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Why Do People Love the Kulhar Chai?

When we hear the word “chai,” one thing that comes to mind is “stress booster.” And Indians have a very strong connection with it. Parties, weddings, or any function are kind of incomplete without chai. For some people, whether they are sad, happy, anxious, or having a headache, chai is the only solution to solve any problem. It is also a symbol of hospitality; when guests come over, we serve chai to them, which also connects people. Chai is a go-to drink and also acts as a painkiller.

As every food is evolving, chai has evolved too. First, it was served in plastic or paper cups, but now it is served in Kulhar made of clay. Kulhar chai has become very popular because of its unique taste, flavor, and fragrance. It is prepared in an earthen pot and heated at a very high temperature. It is the best chai among the several varieties of tea available. Along with tea leaves and milk, some herbs and aromatic spices are added to give it a delicious flavor.

Reasons why people love Kulhar Chai so much:

  1. Unique Taste :- Unlike simple chai, kulhar chai is prepared in an earthen pot, giving it a unique flavor, taste, and aroma. It is a tea made of black tea in milk and water with a mixture of herbs and aromatic spices in a clay pot. Drinking tea in kulhars feels amazing.
  2.  We Bond Over Tea :- There are many stalls of kulhar tea opened in every nook and corner. Who does not love to chit-chat over tea, from serious talks to fun gossip, with friends and family members? Especially in winter, friends gather at tea stalls and have a good long conversation.
  3. Kulhar chai is satiating :- Kulhar tea with toast is enough to fill your stomach for a long time. If you are feeling hungry or dehydrated, having a cup of tea would be fulfilling, as tea contains 90% water. We Indians have a habit of dipping everything in chai, like paranthas, biscuit bread, etc.
  4. Kulhars are Environmentally Friendly :- As we all know, drinking from plastic cups is bad for our overall health. Replacing plastic cups with kulhars is the best option, with no negative impact on health and great benefits for the environment. Kulhars can also be reused as mud.
  5.  Kulhars are hygienic :- They are a better and more hygienic option than plastic cups. Also, they prevent bacterial infection, as even after cleaning glasses, some bacteria may be retained. Drinking tea in kulhar may aid in the prevention of bacterial infections.

After reading about the benefits of kulhar chai, it is obvious to develop a love for kulhar chai. And the “Kulhar Chai” company provides the best kulhar chai anyone can have. They make sure that the kulhar chai prepared in their franchise outlets is delicious and gives immediate refreshment to the mind and body. People find their tea great and worth spending their money on. You can contact them for franchise outlets as well. Visit Our Website

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