Kulhar Chai


We are working on franchise model. We provide franchise opportunities all over India and in international market as well through retail outlets. Our franchise is rapidly growing because every tea lover wants to taste our delicious and hygienic product prepared in traditional ways which is very beneficial for health. We believe that our franchise partners should growth in business along with our growth. Our franchise outlet offers exciting opportunities to every aspiring businessman to earn good amount of profit on low rate of investment.  We deal in two types of franchises which are FOCO and FOFO.

Freanchisee -Owned
Freanchisee Operated(FOCO):

In the FOCO model, the initial set up costs on infrastructure and interior and equipment are borne by the franchise owner. The running operational costs of franchises will be shared by the company and the franchise owner as well and profit will be also being shared between both parties. The franchise will be in possession of the franchise owner for business and the company will provide staffing support, raw material and business development support. The company will not be charging any franchise fee in this model.

Kiosk Model:

Handi Chai Kiosk model franchise is the best option for every aspiring businessman having big dreams to venture into business but are constrained due to lack of capital can take a breath and relax as kiosk franchising opportunity is in full swing. Handi Chai Kiosks are an excellent option for food and beverage enthusiasts to begin a business with minimum investment and risk. Any budding entrepreneur, who is looking forward to venturing into the franchise world but is constrained due to lack of capital, can opt for kiosk model. Taking a franchised kiosk offers a lot more benefits as in a low start-up cost, where you get a branded outlet with all facilities of a retail outlet. The company provides Kiosk model franchise in Franchisee-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) and Franchisee-Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO) model as well.