Kulhar Chai

The Chai Culture in India 

In India, chai is much more than a drink to start your day with. It has become an essential part of the culture, tradition, and life of every Indian. In fact, if you take a stroll on any local Indian road, you will definitely find chaiwallahs steaming up a hot masala chai for their customers. According to a study, Indians consume about 837,000 tons of tea every year, making it the country’s most famous and beloved beverage.

  1. A Gift from the British :- Though it is said that tea was first consumed in India for medicinal purposes back in 500 B.C., the culture of drinking tea became popular mainly because of the British. They made Indians drink black tea with milk and sugar, and later, Indians altered this recipe by adding spices to create the most popular masala chai. The British East India Company started tea production in the 19th century in the foothills of the Himalayas. And today, Darjeeling and Assam teas are the most popular varieties.
  1. A Perfect Companion and Savior :- In India, tea is considered the perfect companion for almost any occasion. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day with some pakoras, a comforting cup on a winter morning, or even a soothing drink on a hot summer afternoon. Tea is known to activate the senses and refresh the mind and body; therefore, it is consumed before big meetings, on a bad day when you are suffering from headaches, and to make a good day even better.
  1. A social event or gathering :- In India, where guests are considered a manifestation of God, tea is the perfect way to welcome guests at home, along with some hot snacks. It is almost served in every Indian household. Drinking tea has become an essential part of Indian culture, where many now host tea parties to celebrate important occasions. Chai is an absolute sign of hospitality, and it builds connections like no other form of food or drink.
  1. A Conversation Starter :- Whether you’re meeting your friends after a long day, or with your office colleagues for a tea break, drinking chai seems perfect and helps people communicate with each other on a much better level. In fact, tea time is associated with the idea of stopping everything to sip tea and have a small chat.

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