Kulhar Chai


Our Franchise Model

We are working on franchise model. We provide franchise opportunities all over India and in international market as well through retail outlets. Our franchise is rapidly growing because every tea lover wants to taste our delicious and hygienic product prepared in traditional ways which is very beneficial for health. We believe that our franchise partners should grow in business along with our growth. Our franchise outlet offers exciting opportunities to every aspiring businessman to earn good amount of profit on low rate of investment.  We deal in two types of franchises which are FOCO and FOFO.

Franchisee-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO)

In the FOCO model, the onetime initial set up costs on infrastructure and interior and equipment are borne by the franchise partner. The running operational costs of franchises will be borne by the company. Revenue will be shared between the company and franchise partner on 80:20 ration. The franchise Partner will be getting fix 20% of revenue amount on daily basis and company will get 80% of the revenue of daily income. Partner will be completely free from any kind of involvement in daily business operations. Company will take care of entire business operations at the outlet along with the associated incidental operational cost and would share the fixed revenue of 20% to franchise partner. This business will be managed by dedicated and fully focused team of Kulhar Chai Company. We can associate with businessman, corporates, restaurants, resorts, clubs, marriage longue, caterers and with working professionals who have good space in prime locations to open the franchise outlet. Kulhar Chai Starter kit cost 5 lakh rupees plus investment would also be on interior design of the outlet and additional expenses of 75 thousand rupees are involved on marketing. The company will not be charging any franchise fee and royalty in this model.

Benefits of Association:

Franchisee-Owned Franchisee-Operated (FOCO)

In the FOFO model, the company rent out franchise of Kulhar Chai to franchise owner after charging a particular franchise fee. This fee includes the amount of business starter kit which includes staffing support, necessary raw material, operational and business development support to successfully operate the franchise. The company is involved in the initial business set up and also in running the business of franchise in successful manner.  The franchise fee is non-refundable amount. Prices of the list of items being sold at franchise outlets are decided by the company. Franchise on this model will belong to franchise owner. Franchise owner will be the sole owner of the franchise in this model. The franchise owner will get the raw material and staff provided by the company to operate his authorized outlet.

Kiosk Model


Kulhar Chai Kiosk model franchise is the best option for every aspiring businessman having big dreams to venture into business but are constrained due to lack of capital can take a breath and relax as kiosk franchising opportunity is in full swing. Kulhar Chai Kiosks are an excellent option for food and beverage enthusiasts to begin a business with minimum investment and risk. Any budding entrepreneur, who is looking forward to venturing into the franchise world but is constrained due to lack of capital, can opt for kiosk model. Taking a franchised kiosk offers a lot more benefits as in a low start-up cost, where you get a branded outlet with all facilities of a retail outlet. The company provides Kiosk model franchise in Franchisee-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) and Franchisee-Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO) model as well.

How to Join us as a franchise Partner

What We Offer

  • Business starter kit.
  • Material and staffing support.
  • Predefined menu.
  • Regular research and development of new flavors of product.
  • Backup support for staff & material.
  • Social media promotion.
  • Online event & marriage event booking from the company website.
  • Periodical visit by the trainers to check quality of tea prepared at the franchise outlet and any miscellaneous support related to business as mutually agreed in the written copy of the franchise agreement.

How is the information used?

Kulhar Chai Office will respond to your personal enquiry within official hours between 10.30 AM -7.30 PM. The Kulhar Chai office will provide promotional offers to you through the Site and other channels. Kulhar Chai will also provide this information to its business associates and partners to get in touch with you whenever it is necessary to provide the services requested by you. Kulhar Chai will use this information to preserve transaction history as governed by existing law or policy. Kulhar Chai may also use contact information internally to direct its efforts for product improvement, to contact you as a survey respondent, to notify you if you win any contest; and to send you promotional materials from its contest sponsors or advertisers. Kulhar Chai will also use this information to serve various promotional and advertising materials to you via display advertisements through the Google Ad network on third party websites. You can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Preferences Manager.