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Some Misconceptions About drinking tea

As we all know, chai is the most consumed beverage in India, but of course after water. Chai is not only delicious and flavorful but also has several benefits when consumed in moderation. However, due to its immense popularity, there are many misconceptions about drinking tea.

Let Us Have a Look At Some Misconceptions About Drinking Tea:

  1. Tea is Bad For You. This is not completely true; in fact, it can be beneficial for your health. The ingredients present in the tea help boost your immune system and stimulate your heart function. And when you add certain spices to your tea, it helps reduce stress and alleviate your mood.
  2. Black Tea Isn’t as Healthy as Green Tea. Green tea is more popular than black tea, but both offer many benefits. Both of them contain powerful antioxidants. The tea leaves become green or black after the processes of oxidation and fermentation.
  3. Tea is More Beneficial if We Do Not Add Anything. This is not true; in fact, if we add lemon juice to our black tea, it helps preserve flavonoids. And several of the health benefits of tea are derived from flavonoids. You can even add ingredients like honey or ginger for additional benefits.
  4. Herbal Tea Doesn’t Have Caffeine. You should know that not all herbal teas are caffeine-free. Some popular herbal teas do contain caffeine, such as yerba mate tea and guarana tea, so make sure you read the label before actually purchasing the herbal tea.

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