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Kulhar Chai vs. Regular Chai: What’s the Difference?

Nowadays, chai is loved by everyone so much that everything from neighbourly gossip to political discussions to talking about anything happens over a cup of tea, as it is comforting, warm, and relaxing. Chai has always been an integral part of Indian households, and everyone loves to have it, no matter what the variant of chai is.

Earlier, people used to have chai in regular cups made of plastic, glass, or paper, but now that people are getting more concerned about the environment and taking steps not to harm it, there are Kulhars. Kulhars are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to regular paper, plastic, and glass cups. And from them, people love to have chai served in Kulhars only. They enjoy it so much because it has a different aroma and taste.

Let us see how kulhar chai is different from regular chai:

  1. The chai served in kulhars provides a rich earthiness to the chai that normal chai doesn’t have. It has a very unique and different flavour that cannot be matched with regular chai.
  1. Also, chai served in kulhars is much more hygienic and eco-friendly as compared to regular chai served in glass tumblers and plastic cups.
  1. Chai served in kulhars has an earthy feel and scent and tastes so delicious that people truly relish a comforting cup of tea; regular chai cannot even match it.
  1. Kulhars are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, and they do not pose any threat to the environment. So, if you are drinking kulhar chai, then automatically you are saving the environment.
  1. Kulhar chai is much more hygienic than regular chai. Kulhar are used once only and are free of bacteria and germs. This makes kulhar chai a safe chai to consume. On the other hand, when glass tumblers are reused, they have a chance of containing germs and bacteria.
  1. If you are drinking kulhar chai instead of regular chai, it is not only good for the planet but also good for you.

You have seen above how kulhar chai tastes amazing and is beneficial. If you want to drink kulhar chai, which has perfect taste and flavor, then head towards Kulhar Chai. They serve amazing chai served in kulhars, with rich earthiness and aroma. Give a treat to your taste buds; for more information, visit 

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