Kulhar Chai

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Kulhar Chai is Much More Than a Beverage. Chai is An Emotional Connection.

The world is full of tea lovers who will do anything and everything as long as you bring them a hot and tasty cup of tea. And obviously, tea love is the best love in the world. Be it the hot cup of morning tea or steaming sweet tea over snacks in the afternoon, nothing can beat the happiness and joy of sipping the joy. While everyone has their favourite version of tea, Kulhar Chai is always number one and the best.

A Kulhar Chai is amazing and an out-of-this-world experience. You’ve got to hold the Kulhar between both your hands and take a long sip. While you taste the Kulhar Chai, you are overwhelmed by the smell of earthen pot over caffeine. The light smell of cardamom, the rough texture of kulhar, the dark, bright colour of the tea, and the sporadic taste of ginger—all of that make for a great tea sipping experience that plastic or glass cups can’t even match.

Kulhar Chai could be your perfect companion at any place, at any time. It is not just a simple beverage but one that associates with our moods and emotions. The tradition of Kulhar Chai is so much a part of our lives that it has become a part of almost everything around us. From family tea time to friend hangouts, from the upscale restaurants serving a variety of tea in Kulhars to the local street chai-walas The aroma of kulhar chai is so refreshing that it’s almost hard to resist. After a long and tiring day at work, a soothing hot kulhar chai not only gives you that extra boost but also helps in managing stress.

In India, we consider “Chai” as one of the best icebreakers for strangers and as something that helps initiate the conversation. “Chai Pe Charcha” has recently been the most famous campaign in India. Tea, unlike any other beverage, especially Kulhar Chai, has built an emotional connection with us.

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